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Michael Velazquez, CPA | CFP® | PFS | MSP

I am a seasoned professional who started his career at the age of 21. Throughout this fabulous journey, I have been a Banker, CFO, Controller, Stockbroker, Insurance Agent, Managing Partner in a CPA Firm, Financial Planner, Partner in a Wealth Management firm and owner of multiple businesses.

I decided to call this business CPACFPPLAN.COM because my professional life has prepared me to be a trusted advisor for my clients in four domains:

  • As a CPA tax advocate, I am committed to creative tax reduction strategies.
  • As a CFP financial planner, I provide focus for your financial future.
  • As a PLANNER, I listen carefully to what is said (or not said) before we act.
  • As a consultant and businessman, I am a valuable sounding board.

This is my commitment to you:

Gain your trust by being fiercely independent and objective.

Accept and serve clients without regard to net worth, race, religious, political or sexual persuasion.

Advise and coach only people who are seeking to simplify, improve or understand their financial life and how it aligns with their future.

Personalize my services using the best technology and enable clients to interact with me.

Price my engagements fairly recognizing the value of our relationship as well as our time.

Why Should You Work with Me?

You should work with me if you have experienced any of the following:

  • You are not learning anything from your current CPA and/or advisors.

  • Your CPA is so busy preparing your taxes that he or she never does tax planning designed to reduce them.

  • You get the feeling that your financial team cares more about their interests than yours (not fiduciaries).

  • Your CPA only ever talks about taxes but provides no explanation of what they mean to your financial future.

  • You feel like there isn’t enough communication with real people who get you.

  • You’re not certain how your financial advisors get paid or how their compensation is tied to their advice.