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My Services: Personal & Customized

Several things you need to know about all my services:

  • I will personally take care of your needs and will be your primary point of contact. You will not be dealing with an endless stream of assistants.
  • Your work will be planned and carried out in a systematic, rational way, customized to your needs once we understand your fact base, goals and objectives.
  • Our fees will be fixed once we identify the scope of work and we will enter into an engagement contract that will spell out our mutual expectations in plain English.

Tax Services

Tax Preparation

All types of entities, individuals, corporations and partnerships.

Tax Planning

Whether in conjunction with a financial plan, or as a stand alone, tax planning is quite valuable when your financial circumstances have changed and you are looking to minimize your tax burden.

Conflict Resolution

When you get that dreaded letter and don’t want to confront IRS on your own.

Financial Services

Financial Planning

If you are like most people, (80% or more by recent estimates) you have never had a financial plan done and don’t believe you need one or you don’t really understand what goes into it or what the benefits can be.

You also likely hold the belief that you cannot afford financial planning because you are not rich enough. (Which is like saying you won’t go to a doctor because you are not sick enough). I am here to make a case for why you should engage with a Financial Planner and then decide what kind of plan you need or at least know what questions to ask. Choosing which one is another question we can address.

Types of Plan Designs

Whether it is a short term (a year), long term (5 years) or a lifetime need, we will hear your concerns and recommend the best course of action and engagement with us. All  our plans start with identifying your goals and objectives and provide forward thinking strategies to accomplish those goals.

We give you your own private and secure portal to view all your plans and various alternatives, with several views of how your financial future is impacted by taxes and inflation under various scenarios. Below you will see a graphic illustrating the 10 different kinds of plans we offer our clients. The Comprehensive Plan includes all the rest.

Plan Designs

Other Services

Business Planning

Good business planning involves some of the same strategies enumerated above but with a specific context of benefiting the business and its proprietors. It often involves the psychology of interaction with stakeholders and partners, process improvement, technology, marketing and management; and last but not least, succession planning. This kind of planning is often overlooked but has a low risk, high reward correlation to outcomes.

Coaching & Mentoring

Different than planning strategies described above, coaching and mentoring focuses on the individual. It involves changing perceptions and mindsets, holding oneself accountable and committing to change and transformation, while emphasizing the positive outcomes we seek from a financial and personal standpoint. I have been involved in coaching and mentoring for decades and find this to be one of the most gratifying kinds of work I do.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

There are different types of bookkeeping and accounting support. We will examine your needs carefully before recommending a solution that is practical and cost effective. Please contact us to discuss your situation.